Fabric development for collection VELERO 
collaboration with Jef Montes, 2015


In the beginning of 2014 fashion designer Jef Montes invited me for a collaboration. We started off doing some fabric experiments to investigate new ideas for his upcoming collection.
As the official start of the new project we exhibited together during SALON/Big Bang at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. We created an installation that explored how to combine our different
disciplines and showed a studio-like presentation of the process that began shortly before.


In the following period of experimenting Jef got inspired by the mineral drawings I did earlier that year for the We Are All Born Out of Stars series. After some tests
a selection was made and the drawings were put into a collage to create a pattern. Soon this pattern was transformed into a woven fabric at the Textile lab of Textielmuseum Tilburg. 


Three dresses were created with these new fabrics. The first two were presented at the first show of VELERO in 2015 at the Looiersgracht 60 in Amsterdam, the third one was revealed
during the presentation at Amsterdam Fashion Week later that year.


Close up of We Are All Born Out of Stars I


A selection of the We Are All Born Out of Stars drawings


The weaving process at TextileLab Tilburg


First presentation at Looiersgracht, Amsterdam 
© Jef Montes, Peter Stigter


Presentation Amsterdam Fashion Week 2015 
© Jef Montes, Peter Stigter


Publication Yearbook 2014 TextielLab