My first book Myriad Ways of Being ~ Being of Myriad Ways published by Jap Sam Books is out! This publication is published on the occasion of receiving the Sieger White Award in 2022. Order your copy here.

“In Myriad Ways of Being ~ Being of Myriad Ways, authors Loes van Beuningen, Susan Peeters, Sabine Winters and Wouter Engelbart illuminate the ways in which Albers makes the invisible cosmos visible and makes connections between everything that lives and is. “

Texts: Stijn Geutjes, Loes van Beuningen, Susan Peeters, Sabine Winters, Wouter Engelbart 
Editor: Mirjam Westen
Copy Editing: Mirjam Westen, Eleonoor Jap Sam, Simone Albers
Translation: Beverley Jackson
Design: Dana Dijkgraaf Design
Photography: Peter Cox, Tommy Smits, Koen Kievits, Johannes Schwartz, Aalt van de Glind, Marc Elisabeth
Number of pages: 112
Book size: 20.9 x 28.4 cm
Language: English / Dutch
Printer: Graphius
Publisher: Jap Sam Books 
Partner: Sieger White Stichting / Cultuurfonds

Running shows

Into the Black Hole (group)
till 21 april 2024 / Valkhof Museum / Nijmegen (NL)

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (group)
march – may 2024 / Saatchi Gallery / London (UK)

Upcoming shows

Spinnerei Spring Rundgang (group)
27 + 28 april / LIA Leipzig International Art Programme (residency supported by Amarte Fonds) / Spinnerei / Leipzig (DE)

Nieuwe Aanwinsten / collection province of Gelderland (group)
Huis der Provincie / Arnhem (NL)

VOLTA Art Fair (group)
10 – 16 june 2024 / O-68 / Basel (CH)


Many thanks to the Mondriaan Fund for granting me a Voucher Ontwikkeling. This voucher means I can further professionalize the documentation of my work.

I also recently received funding from the Amarte Fonds. The fund kindly supports my coming residency period at LIA in Leipzig this spring to do research and develop new ideas for coming projects.